The Majesty of Trees

Grow your APIs the natural way

Oak Tree Back at the dawn of the web, the URL was created as a way of identifying and locating resources. A key characteristic of URLs on the web was the notion of a hierarchy, or tree, of resources defined by the path of the URL.


OpenAPI is not what I thought

Sometimes I do my best thinking in the car and today was an excellent example of this.  I had a phone call today with a the digital agency Authentic who have been hired to help you stop saying Swagger, when you mean OpenApi. I’m only partially kidding. They asked me some hard questions about why I got involved in the OpenAPI Initiative, and experiences I have had with OpenAPI delivering value.  Apparently this started a chain reaction of noodling in my subconscious because while driving my daughter to ballet, it hit me.  I’ve been thinking about OpenAPI all wrong.