API Evolution

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Verbs are just not that evil

Fighting Wizards


The Majesty of Trees

Grow your APIs the natural way

Oak Tree Back at the dawn of the web, the URL was created as a way of identifying and locating resources. A key characteristic of URLs on the web was the notion of a hierarchy, or tree, of resources defined by the path of the URL.


Anatomy of HTTP API design

Divide and conquer by breaking down the elements of API design.

Skeleton So many of the things that I need to do right now involve taking API design and slicing it into small pieces that can be easily communicated and acted upon. We are working to update our Microsoft Graph API design guidelines and publish them. We are working implementing our SDK generator (Kiota) and we need samples for testing. In the OpenAPI Initiative, we are always looking for more examples of how to use OpenAPI to describe APIs. But where do you start. There is so much to cover and breaking it down into pieces seems like a good first step.