The value of blogging

Am I back?

Country Road You probably want to skip this post. It is really just here as filler to break the ice that has accumulated from not blogging in more than two years. I am not quite sure where the time is going to come from to be able to do the writing that I really want to do. However, it continues to surprise me how often I am having a conversation and I get to reach into the old bizcoder blog and say "I wrote a post about that years ago". There are so many topics that I spend time thinking about these days and I write scribbly notes into a OneNote page, or a Word document. Those words just then die in that medium. They are not in a format that is great to share and the fact that I know I probably will not share them causes me to not spend the time to polish them sufficiently to share. It is a vicious cycle.


There Is Almost Nothing to See Here

I just read Adam Ralph's post Blog == Weblog and I was inspired.  I started blogging 10 years ago because I wanted an outlet for my thoughts.  I didn't take it particularly seriously as you would see if you dig back to the early days.  [ed note: which would be easier if my blog host actually provided an index to those old posts.] However,  I enjoyed reading about the miscellaneous thoughts that went through the heads of people who I respected, and I enjoyed sharing my own.