Published on October 30, 2004

Although this is not my first attempt at a blog, I have renewed conviction this time.

I had wanted to host the blog myself, but it's funny how that spare machine can get used for all sorts of other things. I'm not going to develop much of presence if my blog is only occasionally on line.

One of my major motivations for building a blog is to allow me to develop a relationship with prospective employees, employers and development partners. I think a blog says so much more than a resume ever could. I think when it comes time to hiring developers at my company, a good developer blog is going to be a major positive for any candidate. And from the opposite perspective, what better way to find out if you will fit into a company than get to know one of the partners.

I'll give more details in the future, but the one liner is that I am one of two partners in a software development company that writes ERP software for small metal fabricators and custom equipment manufacturers. You can check out our company here http://www.tavis.ca