Powershell and Sandcastle

Published on November 5, 2006

While investigating how to integrate Sandcastle into our TFS Build we came upon a Powershell script from Scott Hanselman that automates the build of the example that is included with the Sandcastle download.

After running into a few problems getting the script to run, I realized that Scott had built the script against the July CTP and I was working with the September (Refreshed) CTP.  Below are the changes that I made to make it work with the September CTP.

The /xsl: switch is needed to identify the transform files and you can nolonger pipe the output of one transform to another because the second call to XslTransform complains that no XML file has been provided as an input.

XslTransform /xsl:"$pathProductionTransformsAddOverloads.xsl" /xsl:"$pathProductionTransformsAddGuidFilenames.xsl" reflection.org /out:reflection.xml XslTransform /xsl:"$pathProductionTransformsReflectionToManifest.xsl" reflection.xml /out:manifest.xml

Change all references to the folder "art" to "icon" and all references to the folder "Presentation" to "PresentationVS2005".

After that you should be good to go!