NetFX 3 ?

Published on June 17, 2006

So the announcement came out recently that the WinFX addons to the .Net Framework are going to be rolled into a release called .Net Framework 3.0. This has caused some upset because .net Framework 3.0 will actually be using CLR version 2.0 and C#2.0. What's going to happen when C#3.0 comes out. Jazon Zander believes they are going to call that .Net Framework 3.5. So many numbers, so much confusion.

Some devs are starting to suggest calling the new version of the framework NetFX 3 to more clearly indicate the merge between WinFX and .Net and also to get rid of the nasty period in the .Net name.

I can go for that, I'm not too fussy. I'm just happy they renamed the SC-BAT (Smart Client Baseline Architecture Toolkit) to SCSF (Smart Client Software Factory) :-)