Love is fickle

Published on July 24, 2007

About a month ago I wrote a post about falling in love with *nix.  I had used the rPath LAMP VMWare appliance to setup my own host for my blog.  It went really well I was shocked about how easy it was considering how little I know about *nix. 

You won't find that post anymore.  My *nix host died and I lost all the data on it.  I initially thought it was related to suspending the VMWare image and causing file corruption but recent events have led me to believe that a recent update to the rPath LAMP appliance has caused an incompatibility with my hardware.  Even after installing a completely new copy of the latest version, when I run fsck I get a ton of IO-FAILURE messages.

Oh well so much for that love affair.  Not to be put off I tried a different appliance.  The LAMP appliance from Virtual Appliances. So far, so good.  I like the fact that it is based on Ubuntu so I can actually get some help when I need it.  The rPath appliance seemed to based on a rather more obscure distribution.

So, let's see how long this one lasts!  Oh, yeah, I have improved my backup process a bit too!