I was replaced by a biztalk server

Published on March 3, 2005

I have to share this gem. This is from the first page of the Biztalk server documentation.

"Imagine being the parts manager for an automobile manufacturing company. Your database system informs you that you are low on door handles, so you need to act quickly. You fax a purchase order (PO) to a supplier, who sends you a PO acknowledgment, and ships you the order along with an invoice. You add the shipment to your inventory, pay the invoice, and update your database. And you repeat this process for thousands of other parts."

"With BizTalkĀ® Server installed, you arrive at your office in the morning to find that a shipment of door handles that you did not even know you needed is already on your receiving dock ready to be stocked. Not only that, the shipment has already been paid for and your database has been automatically updated." (emphasis mine)

Did somebody spike this writer's koolaid? Does Biztalk call the supplier to negotiate the best price? Does it perform the QA verification on the parts? Does it realize that a design change is underway that will make those door handles obsolete? I could go on, but I think you get my point. The fact that someone thinks this kind of utopian scenario is acheivable is probably the reason why most small businesses are still managing their invoices and purchase orders with an Excel form.

I can see what happens next..

"Biztalk's HR interface identifies that you actually don't have any more work to do so immediate files all of the necessary paper work to lay you off. The janitorial staff are notified to clean out your desk and a security escort is requested."

We should not forget that computers should be used to enhance our capablities not provide a mechanical replacement.