Goodbye and Good Riddence

Published on February 17, 2005

Mr. GrimesÂ’ Farewell If this is the kind of FUD that Mr. Grimes usually puts out I'm glad he is giving up on .Net commentary column. His complaints from what I can see:

  • They copied stuff from WFC and VB.
  • The framework is too large for shareware developers, so it will never gain momentum.
  • Visual Studio is not written in .Net so they must have no confidence in the framework.
  • There was no reason for Vb.Net other than to help move VB programmers to .Net, and other than it was a "tired" language and it didn't support multi-threading and ...
  • Microsoft uses classes where they should have used interfaces.

and the best line "I take the decision to make Avalon available to other versions of Windows as a lack of confidence in the sales of Longhorn"

What a crock! I expect much more than this whining piece of drivel from someone as respected as Richard Grimes.