Published on October 25, 2006

I'm a little perplexed.   The development of the first version of CAB seemed pretty transparent, to use an in vogue term.  However, recently I keep hearing about a version of CAB that works with WPF.  All three [1], [2], [3] of these people talk about it and two of them talk about moving on, almost infering that it has finished.  Casper[2] goes as far as to call it  That Which Shall Not Be Named™

What's the secrecy for?  Maybe I was snoozing at the PnpSummit but I didn't hear of anything new upcoming for CAB anytime soon.  Rick Maguire showed a slide that indicated SCSF V2 would be around somewhere between FY07-H2 and FY08.   

All very interesting.  Ironically, I can't wait for Vista to ship so that we can get our hands on all sorts of stuff that has nothing to do with Vista!